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The foundation Hope without Boundaries has as its aim to support the ministry of Alexander Barkoci in a threefold way:


Prayer is the invisible driving force of every ministry that experiences blessing. Without prayer there will be no victory in spiritual battle. There is a great need for prayer support for this ministry – this concerns prayer for the spiritual workers as well as for those requesting spiritual aid. We would like to build up a strong prayer support, and for this purpose we plan to send out a prayer newsletter also containing up to date news of the work. This will possibly be done also via email.


Our Lord Jesus Christ voices this concern: "Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest!" (Matthew 9:38) And also this: "We must work…while it is day!" (John 9:4) We are grateful for the work and ministry to which our LORD has called our brother Alexander. This includes also his wife Susanne, his co-workers in Komarno, those translating him during his travels abroad, and others whose efforts are not necessarily visible to others. There is more work than there are workers! What is needed is the calling, equipment, endurance and faithfulness of workers – in this way the Kingdom of God will be able to grow. There is a great need for the burden of the work to be shared by a greater amount of workers. This will ensure a plentiful harvest that will be to the glory of the LORD.


Jesus commanded to keep the ministry of the gospel free of charge: "Freely you have received; freely give." (Matthew 10:8) In fact, God's Word, his blessings and his gifts are not "goods" to be traded and sold for money. They should be accessible to everybody, regardless of one's personal financial abilities.

The Bible teaches us another principle that we should heed: "The labourer deserves his wages" and "You shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain." (1 Timothy 5:18) For sure, the spiritual worker does not "live by bread alone..." – but he certainly does live by bread also – and does not just make his living out of thin air! There are expenses for the ministry as well as for the normal affairs of life, the family needs to be supported, the car needs gas, etc. However, in order to serve the LORD comprehensively full-time and for the building up of HIS kingdom, he foregoes a secular profession.

It has been the aim of the foundation Hope without Boundaries since its inception in 2006 to enable and advance the ministry of the gospel. The foundation has since been actively supporting the work of brother Alexander. However, this foundation is not run and supported by millionaires, but relies on the voluntary gifts of an as of now small circle of friends and donors. These are ordinary people who have been blessed by the ministry of brother Alexander and as a matter of gratefulness would like to return the blessing, financially, in accordance with what they are able to give. We are grateful for every donation which we are able to use for the Kingdom of God. We marvel at how far even small gifts can stretch in the Kingdom of God – when they are accompanied by the blessing of God! (Just ponder the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand in John 6!)

We appreciate your support!

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